Venue to Visit : The Harp

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I love London. Unashamedly, unrepentantly. I miss it so much, having not been there since summer of 2019, pre-demic. I love its Swedish food shops. I love its markets and small streets and bookshops.

And of course, I love its pubs. There will be many London locations covered in this mini-series, but the place to start would unquestionably be the Harp in Covent Garden (although it's physically closer to Charing Cross tube and national rail stations).

The best glasswork in this pub is not even that in which you get your beer poured. The frontage makes your heart skip a beat before you even cross the threshold.

Kids in a sweet shop

What it lacks in size it makes up for in choice. A beer enthusiast standing at its bar is the literal definition of a kid in a sweetshop. They are one of the few pubs to advertise regularly their lineups on social media which allows you to pre-decide on what you want and thus reduce waiting/browsing time at the bar. The Harvey's Sussex Best served here is considered by many to be the quintessential version. 

"Those in the know, however, will more than likely head to Covent Garden instead. For it is The Harp, a Fuller’s Pub with a reputation for serving some of the best pints of cask ale in the capital, that offers (for me, at least) the finest pint of Best outside Lewes. Much of this is down to the expert management of its cellar by deputy manager, Karl Seville." - Matt Curtis, Pellicle

As a Fullers' house, you will also find London Pride here for the "when in Rome" types.


The "small in stature, big at heart" theme continues once you've got your pint in hand. Standing room only is the order of business. If you are lucky to have a seat be prepared to share. There is a little alley out back for fresh-air seekers, and a spiral staircase to the toilets will test your mettle and your balancing skills.

Yes it's been done before and elsewhere, but not quite this well

If I would recommend one thing, to truly appreciate this bijou beauty go early in the day, or on a weekday if possible. As you'd expect with a city-centre boozer it gets busy, and boisterous, but never bothersome.

A jewel in the crown, quite literally - shiny, precious, rare and visually stunning, but with a strong unbreakable core. A definite must if you can.

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